“Awareness” can be defined as “knowledge or perception of a situation or fact.”

Teaching this concept of awareness and identifying danger to kids naturally the question comes up, “At what age does a person learn to perceive danger or a dangerous situation?”

This question varies widely depending on a persons exposure to dangerous situations as they grow up. Obviously our job as parents are to protect our children but if this sense of protection turns into being “over-protective” then a child does not learn on their own to sense danger and dangerous situations until they are in an uncontrolled environment and are experiencing either planned or unplanned freedom for the first time.

This topic specific training of child abduction prevention allows us to educate children on the realities of what could happen and then let them practice in controlled “simulated dangerous” environments. Doing so allows them to develop their sense of situational awareness on this specific topic where there a no consequences for mistakes. Repetitions and positive discussions allow them to be equipped and empowered to remain “S.A.F.E.”