There’s no shortage of talented educators. But when it comes to child abduction prevention, quality training is scarce.

Strategos’ one-day course equips trainers with proven, practical principles and techniques that are field-tested to protect kids. S.A.F.E. for Kids training is relevant for schools, churches, sports leagues, scouting and numerous other child- and youth-oriented associations.

Instructors learn to equip children to prevail during an abduction attempt using the “Scan, Avoid, Fight, Escape” (S.A.F.E.) approach.

Topics include:

  • Situational awareness
  • Identifying potential attackers and child predators
  • Avoiding contact with perpetrators
  • Breaking free from abductors

Who should attend?

  • Police, firefighters, EMS personnel
  • School resource officers
  • Teachers
  • Coaches
  • Scouting and other youth leaders
  • Trainers/instructors for churches and community centers
  • Military personnel

Each instructor receives

  • A flash drive of PowerPoint slides and videos to present the course in their community
  • A printed instructor handbook with lesson plans
  • 10 ChildPrint® ID Kits for the first course
  • 10 “Keep Them S.A.F.E.” stickers for parents at the first course
  • Certification from Strategos International in the Keep Them S.A.F.E. curriculum

S.A.F.E. for Kids instructors

S.A.F.E. for Kids instructors have a mission to protect children and the background to bring practical, effective training. In addition, all instructors undergo a nationwide background check prior to being accepted. Any potential instructors with felonies or other hazardous offenses on are not eligible to participate.

Interested in hosting a course for your community?

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